Missing Person

A missing person is a person who has disappeared and whose status as alive or dead cannot be confirmed as their location and fate are not known.

About Missing in Michigan

Value Statements:

+ We value the Missing Persons, regardless of their life choices.

+ We value the families that struggle with their disappearance.

+ We value Unidentified Human Remains and the professionals that assist with the search for their identity.

+ We value involving law enforcement, the media, the family and the communities of missing persons to bring closure to their cases.


Founded in 2010, the Missing in Michigan Association saw a need to connect the many families of missing persons in Michigan to the law enforcement agencies that were handling their cases. Thus, on May 7, 2011, the first "Missing Persons Day" event was held at Ford Field in Detroit. The day became an annual event and now has been shared across the country as an example of partnering families and law enforcement to bring answers and to seek out justice for the missing.

Mission Statement:

The Missing in Michigan Association provides support to law enforcement and the families of missing persons, by collaborating efforts to help bring them home.

Vision Statement:

To be an organization recognized by law enforcement and the general public as Michigan's leading resource in the prevention, knowledge and search for missing persons; as well as a source for families crisis management when a loved one goes missing.

What Do I Do When a Person Goes Missing?

Do Not Panic

They may have simply forgotten their phone, got caught up in some activity or plain forgot to check in.

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Contact Friends

Contact friends and family first to ask if they have any knowledge of the missing person's whereabouts.

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Be Contactable

Keep your phone within reach, make sure your ringer is on and the phone stays fully charged, in case they try to reach you.

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Law Enforcement

Once you have sufficient reason to believe they are in fact missing, contact your local law enforcement agency to make a missing persons report.

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Keep in mind, police may request your assistance in getting bank records, social media account information and cell phone records for your missing person as well.

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Don't Give Up

Do not give up, keep appealing and searching. Remember that people want to help. Try to keep your loved one's name and photo in the public eye. Your missing person is important.

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